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Are They The Real Deal? Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock’s Body Language says it All

Kelly Clarkson is one of most famous singers in the world right now, a status she’s maintained ever since she found fame after winning the first ever season of American Idol. She’s known not only for her soprano voice but also for her quick wit, charm, and sense of humor. These factors definitely played a role when she was chosen as one of the judges of NBC’s The Voice and as the two-time host of the Billboard Music Awards. No matter what Clarkson does and wherever she goes, her husband Brandon Blackstock is with her. Relationship expert Terri Orbuch weighs in on the body language if this couple is the real deal or they’re just faking it all for the cameras.

Clarkson knew Blackstock for a few years before they started dating, as he was her manager’s son. When Clarkson sang the national anthem for the 2012 Super Bowl, they reconnected and have been together since then.  They got married the following year at Blackberry Farm in Tennessee.  The couple has two children together,  River Rose and Remington Alexander,  plus Blackstock’s two kids from his previous marriage.

According to Orbuch,  most of the  couple’s photos show them always sitting or standing close together,  which signifies that they are bonded together.  When they attended Barack Obama’s inauguration in 2013, they were pictured hand in hand that showed their relationship has balance and they are total equals. And with Blackstock caught with his head down as Clarkson stared straight ahead smiling,  that meant the talent manager recognizes his wife’s fame and that she is the center of everyone’s attention and not him,  which he was okay with.

There were many times as well that the couple were photographed with their bodies clinging to one another, one hand wrapped around the other,  with big smiles – all proof that they are madly in love with one another according to the author of Simple Steps to Take Your Marriage From Good to Great. In fact, Orbuch said that their body language is screaming this fact. So they are the real deal,  because you simply cannot fake body language when as a couple,  you are happy in the company of one another.

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