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Sheer Hard Work and Talent Got These Top YouTubers International Fame

Till 2005 we were blissfully ignorant about its existence but Youtube has now taken over our minds. It’s our “go-to” website for streaming videos. Well, you may be unaware about actors and actresses, but are aware of these famous YouTubers whose life changed when their videos went viral. These people are ensuring that their voice is heard among a large crowd of billions. These select YouTubers mean business, and exemplify success stories. They share their thoughts, voices and the audience dotes on them. Here are the top 5 YouTubers who have changed the way we watch videos. Here’s your chance to learn how they came up from being anonymous vloggers to reach vlogging success.


Creator: J. Countess | Credit: WireImage

Felix Kjellberg or PewDiePie is a popular video game vlogger rising from 12 million to 20 million in 2014 and views 15.5 million currently. All successful vloggers who succeeds on Youtube must be consistent, and PewDiePie is very consistent. He uploads videos daily and maintains his online presence and also answers his fan’s queries. He is a living legend about what consistency, quality content, and hard work can reward you!


With 2.3 billion views, BlueXephos is a sensation on YouTube by bringing together some gaming companions. This young man and his best friend Simon charm started their channel by posting a “how-to” of the popular video “World of Warcraft.” In 2010, Simon and Lewis followed with a serialized version of, The Shadow of Israphel. In 2013, the channel was the most viewed and subscribed channel on YouTube. They also won the “Greatest YouTube Gamer” at the Joystick Awards and their channel has grown and has gone from strength to strength, and they have since become a commercial network. Their commercial success lies solely on just remaining in tune with the times and by consistently posting topical contents.


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With over 1.5 billion views, DisneyCollectorBR is a much watched channel. However, the Brazilian lady who creates this channel’s content, centred on Disney toys, is anonymous. Her entertaining channel is easily among the most watched channels in the USA.  With magnetic background music and narration, it works like magic on children, holding the children’s attention. She is able to bound the viewers, with interesting names and engaging with toys, and adds relevant videos to remain on top. Her videos are the third most-watched videos, immediately after Katy Perry’s channel.


Creator: jd ep

Comedy works big time and Smosh has proved it. Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla were not new to YouTube, having started in 2003 by uploading Flash Animations on the website (New Grounds). Their Pokeman signature song went on to became a huge hit and now boast eight million viewers, who enjoy their hilarious comedy videos and high-quality content and may come onto the television. Sadly, the duo split in 2019. Even if you start from scratch with limited production values, you can create a market with quality content and sharp editing programs to make great videos.

YouTuber Pedestal        

YouTube provides a platform to show your talents in the best way possible. The formula is: If you have the talent, flaunt it by sharpening your skills and learning on the move! These YouTubers prove that success can be your best buddy if you invest equally in hard work and perseverance. Show your talent and flair for interesting innovation, and success will be yours!

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