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How Stars are Talking to Their Kids about Racism and BLM, and What We Can Learn from Them – Part I

Celebrities are not shy about discussing racial inequality issues with their children. Famous icons, like Regina King and Shaquille O’Neal warned their kids about racial inequity to protect them. Celebrities like Reese Witherspoon and Kristen Bell are educating their children and raising them as anti-racists. For youngsters, global protests after the custodial deaths are confusing and difficult to comprehend.

Parents now struggle to educate and protect their kids about racial inequality, and numerous celebrities have already spoken about doing so. As Katherine Heigl struggles to explain the unexplainable to her 8-year-old daughter, adopted in 2012, or Victor Cruz warning his 8-year-old daughter that people may dislike you solely because of race and background, these conversations aren’t easy. Some celebrities, who have had discussions with their children about systemic racism and police brutality, are:

Teaching children about equality

Jessica Alba, the actress has three young children and is having difficult conversations with them and husband Cash Warren. With the hateful racist activity happening, children must realize what really matters and intends educating her children to help them change systemic racism in the veins of the criminal-justice system. You have to understand equality and social justice and start early with them, to give them the fire to ensure that isn’t their reality.

Amanda Stanton the former “Bachelor” star and her daughter Charlie attended a BLM protest in California. The ex-reality star shares daughter Kinsley with ex-beau Nick Buonfiglio, replied to critics over bringing her daughter to a protest. They should learn from an early age about using their voice for good and exercise rights to stand up for something that’s important  and no words or books can ever teach emotions behind what people experience first-hand at the protests. She hoped it encourages them to be braver than she was growing up, when it comes to using their voice and taking action.

Nick Cannon, the ‘Masked Singer’ said it’s painful, having conversations about police violence with his three children who fear the police. He teaches fearlessness as the inner power within, should enable them to fear nothing. But the energy of law enforcement is a mind-set issue to be faced. It is important to have difficult conversations with kids, if you want to ultimately protect them.

Realism about Brutality

Shaquille O’Neal talks to his six kids about police violence frequently and how to behave around law enforcement with his kids by trying to diffuse the situation by showing respect as people are doing their jobs. If matters get rough, don’t say or do anything; just comply and then call him to handle it. Just comply and listen, but sometimes that doesn’t work either. Always show respect.

Kristen Bell, the Veronica Mars actress  is committed to raising her kids as anti-racists and has open conversations with her (and Dax Shepard’s) two very young daughters about racism and inequality but a lot of people are uncomfortable about talking to kids.  Bell pointed out that people are busy trying to survive. Bell co-authored the recently published book “The World Needs More Purple People,” which targets children and helps them understand racism and inequality from a young age. Although, it may have backfired on her.

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