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Strict Fashion Rules that the British Royal Family Has to Abide By

To be part of the Royal family is a privilege very few can enjoy. But one thing is however ensured: it’s no walk in the park! Maintaining a public image and a certain level of decorum is essential. To achieve and maintain this poise, unwritten rules are framed for all members in the royal family, and are required to be maintained. A style guide full of dos and don’ts, with the Queen deciding on issues, is maintained. These protocols enable the royals to look at their best in public and avoid embarrassment or wardrobe malfunction. Tradition and Decency all come into play along with the Queen’s personal preferences and every female member of the royal family is expected to adhere to these. Some of the fashion rules followed by the royal family are:

The women in the family should always keep their hats on in public

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Is it a coincidence, or possibly a personal quirk, that the Queen always wears a hat when making a personal appearance or attending a function. Other female family members, including Kate Middleton, always are shown having a hat on if on official duty and also at all royal functions. This tradition has been maintained by the Queen and kept alive since she was young, and keeping a hat on was the ladylike thing to do. The royal family women could abandon their hats only after six in the evening, after which time these are considered as inappropriate and replaced by headpieces, such head scarfs as tiaras.

Only shorts, no pants for young princes

Prince George is a young prince and possibly a future king, and the only legwear worn, is shorts. The royal family maintains British traditions that shorts are worn by boys while men wear trousers. So, Prince George endures exposed legs in the cold weather until he’s over eight years old, which is considered as the perfect age for boys before graduating into trousers.

The coat must always stay on

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Yes, royals cannot just get out of their outermost clothing even when they break a sweat or if the sun shines too brightly on them. Removing it is seen as unbecoming, and for some reason, unladylike. No wonder why we always see the Duchess of Cambridge in her coat where ever she may be, no matter what the weather conditions.

While travelling always keep a black outfit on hand

This might seem rather extreme, but is very practical. Royals travel quite frequently, and are required to pack a black outfit with them for mourning purposes. If a death or family tragedy occurs, they can rush back into the country appropriately dressed despite the situation. Queen Elizabeth learned the importance when rushing back into the country after her father’s death, as she had to remain in the plane until a black outfit was delivered.

Tiaras are very restricted

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Apparently, tiaras are not to be casually taken out of the wardrobe and placed on your head just to signify you’re a princess. At least not in the British royal family. Here, tiaras are privileges of only married ladies. Royal ladies can wear their family tiara only as a bride for the first time, and thereafter, they are able to wear tiaras for glamorous royal and also official engagements.

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