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Super-Rich People Spend Money In Ways That Us Plebs Cannot Comprehend – II

The super-rich and their silly spends, never fail to amaze us:

Submarine sports car to avoid traffic cops underwater

Creator: NICHOLAS RATZENBOECK | Credit: AFP via Getty Images

If bored with your regular high-end sports cars, you may buy a fully functional top-end aquatic sports car for driving on ocean beds. A great white shark would be better than red lights, right?

Bottled alcohol after being poured over women’s breasts

Some people like the idea of drinking (or rather being seen with) alcohol spilled on selected famous models’ breasts. Don’t even bother asking us why. In a perfectly capitalist world, people do cater to every crowd. G-Spirits sells these kinds of spirits and they even specify details about the models and talk about the unique ‘flavour’ added to the drinks.

Gold pills that turn poop into gold

Creator: Hiscoe, Sue | Credit: StockFood / Hiscoe, Sue | Copyright: ©StockFood / Hiscoe, Sue

You can’t be uber-rich and just have normal bodily function, right? In this nutty world, these pills will cost you $425 a pop and really does make your poop gold-colored. For those who have everything, golden poop matters.

Rent a specially abled person, and ruin Disneyland

This is rather sad. Earlier, disabled people and families didn’t queue up to get tickets in Disneyland. They skipped the crowd, heading straight for the entry and secured tickets there. But people with money in their pockets abused the system by renting disabled people to accompany them. This cost much money but these people could afford it. In 2013, Disneyland changed its policies, removing this service for the disabled as a few rich people abused the system.

Professional picture hanger

Creator: LiudmylaSupynska | Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto | Copyright: LiudmylaSupynska

Speaking of pieces of art hanging on your walls, there are professional art hangers whose job is visiting your home and hanging artwork in the most perfect manner.

Art Insurance: Providing a team to rescue expensive art during emergency

You own a beautiful mansion, with some expensive artwork on the walls. Suppose your grand mansion burns. Do you rush in to save your children and spouse or do you save the art? You can buy art insurance that ensures during emergencies, a team is ready to rescue your expensive artwork from damage.

Psychological wealth counseling for rich people who worry too much

Banks hire psychologists for rich patrons worried about having too much money. This rich person problem apparently exists as wealth is still a taboo in our culture. When you’re filthy rich there are not too many people to talk to about your problems. But that’s a problem we would love to have.

Rapture-proof underground luxury dwellings for the rich

Credit: Flikr

Some rich folks are scared of people gunning for them, when the world economy collapses, or if the world suffers from a nuclear holocaust. For protection, the super-rich are building Doomsday-proof luxury housing complexes underground. Germany’s Vivos Europa One in is one such project as is a luxury underground condo in the Kansas Prairie. Do the elites know something we don’t?

Only Plebs visit Doctors

Concierge medicine has the patient or family paying a physician an annual fee, to be the family doctor during medical emergencies. Some financially well-to-do families have emergency medical rooms set up right inside their houses as waiting at the doctor’s office, in line, is only for the plebs.

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