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With the World Opening Up Again, Why Not Indulge in Some Wellness Tourism?

Humans continue to advance in almost every aspect while lifestyles deteriorate! While taking part in the daily grind, we forget to make time for ourselves. If trapped in the fast-paced life, a little pampering and healing tourism may be useful. Wellness tourism as per the WHO, aims to improve the complete well-being of a person, including the social, physical and mental state. Wellness tours have activities prioritized to improve the physical/ mental health and quality of life, for individuals. Interaction with diverse cultures, cleaner environments allows detox effects like hitting the reset button. Some unable to access cheap wellness services or treatments, couple it with complicated medical treatments such as bone replacement, plastic surgery and organ transplants. Increasing volumes in wellness tourism led the hospitality industry to add wellness-related services for customers with access to healthy lifestyles, during travels. Where should you go for the maximum benefit from your trip? The following destinations are great for wellness tourism:

Uttarakhand Wellness Retreats

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Easily reached from Delhi, Uttarakhand houses excellent wellness retreats for luxurious stays in the Himalayas, with curated packages to revitalise, rejuvenate, with spas, yoga, acupuncture and spiritual therapies. These great rejuvenation centres offer wellness packages to detox and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul while controlling obesity, diabetes and stress. Learn sustainable living at organic farms and spend time by the waterfalls.

The Islands of Hawaii

Hawaii, the healthiest state in USA, has tropical landscapes offering exquisite sites for wellness tourism, with excellent weather all year round. The saltwater in Hawaii beaches are therapeutic for healing various illnesses. Hawaii offers services like healing exercise centres, traditional massages, facials with flower petals, and coffee scrubs. Live meditation and yoga sessions are conducted on its beaches to restore your mind’s balance. Resorts in Maui are famous for wide areas covered with authentic Hawaii plantations.

British Columbia Retreats

British Columbia is an outstanding destination to detox the body and de-stress the mind and is full of wellness spas providing access to fresh natural water springs, casually flowing by their side. Spas in Tofino and Victoria are the best in the area.

Adventure Programs of New Zealand

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New Zealand offers numerous wellness retreats in vast sub-alpine planes with adventure programs and activities for rejuvenating both mind and body. These weekly programs offer massages, spas, meals on leaves, strength exercises and yoga. Tourists experience a life-change phenomenon due to renewed connection of the body with pristine nature. Nature-friendly cabins are rented out on lakes or mountain sites. Wellness retreats in Queenstown are particularly famous for adventure programs.

Wellness Spots in Italy

Italy has exclusive wellness spots at Stelvio National Park ‘s Bagni Vecci di Bormio area. They have hot springs for people to enjoy outdoor baths, amidst amazing, beautiful mountains. Italy’s ancient bath spots have been visited by Pliny the Elder and Leonardo de Vinci during their lifetimes.

Valleys of California

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California has some incredible wellness destinations as the valleys have many open springs with fresh hot water. Located atop hills, Esalin has running ocean waters viewed while coming down the hills. Calistoga Ranch is a luxurious spot, with a wide forest of oak trees, looking like an elegant work of art. The standing lodges offer comfortable living in the center of beautiful natural sceneries.

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