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As Adam Sandler Returns to ‘Saturday Night Live,’ and Discusses His Firing from the Show Many Years Ago

Many famous comedians today had their start in long-running Saturday Night Live, one the most successful being actor Adam Sandler.  Most of them go back to the show as guests, but not Sandler whose shadow had not been spotted around the studio since he left in 1995. But that long absence has ended, with the actor returning after 24 years to host the show to explain his sudden departure from SNL.

Sandler began his monologue by mentioning that his wife and kids are in the audience, to whom he said in the past that one of the greatest moments of his life was when he was in the show. Which led them to ask why he left when it was such a great experience.  Sandler replied with a hilarious song that explained that he was fired, something that even he never saw coming.

It wasn’t only who was let go back then, but also a few other actors including the late Chris Farley and Chris Rock, who joined him onstage during his monologue. Rock sang, too, with the lyrics that relayed how he was also fired by NBC, but he was able to join In Living Color, a comedy show like SNL on Fox, and then proceeded to say the said show met its demise two weeks after he joined. The show’s current star, Pete Davidson, joined the singing and also sang the lyrics, “I was fired, I was fired”, but Sandler stopped him and told him laughing he wasn’t fired yet but to wait for it.

The Murder Mystery star ended his song by stating that NBC told him during firing that he was done for,  which he proved wrong because he went on to star in movies that had $4 billion cumulative total at the box office.  Sandler’s return wouldn’t have been complete without him reprising his famous role in the show, Opera Man, during the Weekend Update segment.

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