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We Can’t Believe Tom Cruise Said ‘No’ to These Movies!

Tom Cruise is easily a great actor and talents in Hollywood from the number of films he had starred in. From this jaw-dropping performance in the 1983 comedy film Risky Business to his heart-pounding portrayal as Lieutenant Pete Mitchell in the 1986 action-packed movie Top Gun, he brings his A-game in whatever role he is offered. Though we feel that he’s invincible, and doesn’t seem to age, he is far from that. He does get tired as he’s human, just like all of us. Despite his superb histrionic skills, Cruise has said no to some roles handed to him because he had too much on his plate. Here are some films he refused to give you a chance to imagine how the movie would be had Tom starred in it:


Tom was to play Benjamin Button in the 2008 film The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, the movie adaptation from the 1922 F. Scott Fitzgerald short story about a man born with an unusual condition of aging in reverse. Brad Pitt played the role of Benjamin Button so well that he earned recognition and awards, adding to his long list of credentials. Had Cruise accepted the offer, it would have been a game-changer for him. The reason was his commitment to a 2010 action comedy film, Knight and Day with Cameron Diaz.


Can you picture Robert Downey Jr. not being Iron Man? Tom Cruise turned down the role. Google it to see loads of photoshopped pictures of Iron Man with Cruise’s face, as a lot of fans hoped Tom had taken the role as he was involved with the Marvel superhero project since the 1990s up until 2004, when inexplicably, he  lost interest in the project. If Cruise had become the man behind the red metal suit it would be interesting as Cruise had a lot of action and comedy flicks in the past to do justice to the character, too. However, Cruise praised Downey, who he said was perfect for the part.


I Am Legend is a 2007 thriller suspense film about a post-apocalyptic world where humans became nocturnal creatures hunting for blood. Robert Neville, a virologist and one of the survivors was found to be immune. The concept based on a 1954 novel, was under consideration since 1994 and many stars including Michael Bay, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tony Scott, and Cruise were involved. Cruise rejected the offer, though the part was a good fit for him. Imagine Tom cruising the empty town with Sam his dog and fighting off evil creatures! Will Smith got the role and earned many awards.


Angelina Jolie played Edwina Salt in the action film Salt, but Tom Cruise was to be the lead role in the 2010 action film, and Angelina Jolie finally took on the part. For those who know the film by heart, the story revolved around Edwin Salt, a male spy, but eventually became Edwina Salt. Cruise had considered the idea failed to seal the deal and Jolie gave film audiences, a fresh take on the character. As for Tom, he did Knight and Day instead which was not memorable, instead of Salt.

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