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These Celebrities may be the Reason Why Hotel Concierges have Nightmares!

Celebrities are known for living large every time with all the wonderful luxuries they can secure. But how do they cope with this lifestyle while away on tour, or when booked for an event? Come and uncover the most bizarre requests that a few luxury hotel concierges have received from wealthy and famous guests. Even more amazing? These requests have all been fulfilled with aplomb!

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Need an Aston Martin that is chauffeur-driven to take your daughter sightseeing, to make her day? How about matching Louboutin shoes for your wedding dress, or a Louis Vuitton handbag that is not even available in stores yet? Maybe you would prefer your hotel room walls in periwinkle blue? These high-handed hotel requests are just the tip of the iceberg or rather, the ice bucket and all in a day’s work, at luxury resorts and hotels throughout the world. Here are some starry demands made:


Known as Queen B, she is not called that for jokes, with her odd booking requirements. It has been a persistent rumor that when Bey stays at a hotel when she is invited for a show her basic necessities include: well-seasoned and garnished chicken legs, a Pepsi bottle (since she endorses the brand) and the room’s temperature to be set precisely to 78 degrees. Beyoncé never settles for less than these things.

Paul McCartney

The seasoned Beatles singer, who is still killing at the music scene with his solo career, is another musical prodigy with bizarre and weird requirements. However, it appears that Paul is someone who is unable to stand animals, of any kind, and always requests that his room be kept entirely off limit for any animal. In addition to this, the room should be designed with 6 different types of plants, and at the same time, all room lights be kept as dim as possible.

Selena Gomez

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Actress and songstress Selena Gomez is a lover of food, as she always requests that her favorite meals, which are chicken pie and pickles, should be available in her room upon arrival. More interesting to note; it was reported that Selena Gomez once ordered members of her backroom staff to change their names if they answered to the name “Justin” after her famous break-up with Justin Bieber, her former boyfriend and music star.


Rap God Eminem doesn’t have too many off-beat requests when compared to others, and it is reported that all his demands are tailored to have his favorite food available in his hotel room. These are basically lunch snacks, peppered banana rings, bread, and red bulls.


The multiple Grammy award-winner, who appears to be sweet and easy-going, is very well known for her outrageous demands when on a gig. It appears that the music star was on a retreat in a remote place in the English countryside, and craved for pizza from her favorite restaurant located in far-away London. She asked a member of her backroom staff to take a long trip back to London to fulfill her appetite.

Justin Timberlake

Source: Pexels

Justin is rather particular about his privacy and hygiene and any room booked for him must be cleaned and disinfected at set intervals, every 2 hours. He never ever shares the elevator with anyone and if booked for a show, he rents out the entire hotel floor for himself to ensure privacy.

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