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Celebrities You Never Knew Were Adopted – Part II

The adoption saga of celebrities continues. While we are more familiar with those kids that the celebrities have adopted, we may not know which celebrities were themselves adopted! Here’s a list which might shock you!

Sarah McLachlan, the famous Canadian singer-songwriter, met her birth mother through a complete coincidence. She was adopted by Jack McLachlan and his wife Dorice along with two other kids and didn’t know about it till she was 9. She considers her adoptive mother as her real mom but is friends with her biological artist mother, who gave birth to her when 19. They were introduced by a mutual acquaintance but McLachlan holds no grudges as she would have lived in rural Newfoundland, and could not pursue her dreams.

Faith Hill’s parents Edna and Ted said that her biological mother got involved with a married man, and she was given up for adoption but this was untrue. The country star was a gypsy at heart and felt distant from her family. Her birth mother was a painter, and she understood why she felt like a misfit. However, her mother was unable to care for her when she was born, but ended up marrying her biological father later and even had another child with him.

Actress and songstress Kristin Chenoweth got adopted within a week after she was born. In 2015, Chenoweth spoke about her adoption story on her blog, on the occasion of National Adoption Day which falls on November 21. She knew that her birth mother loved her very much but as she desired to give her a much better life, she made her sacrifice. If anything,  she would thank her biological mother for loving her enough to be able to make such a huge sacrifice.

Eartha Kitt was very mobile during her childhood. Kitt, a singer, actress and dancer, was best known for playing Catwoman in the 1960’s TV show Batman. She was born on a plantation in South Carolina back in 1927. Allegedly, she was born out of an indecent assault, and her mother abandoned her, leaving her to be raised by relatives. She suffered a lot due to her mixed heritage, and eventually moved to New York City to live with an aunt when she was eight years old. Kitt was never able to find out who her white birth father was.

Debbie Harry has always fantasized about being the lost daughter of Marilyn Monroe. The Blondie and ’80s rocker was put up for adoption shortly after her birth as told by her adoptive parents, Richard Harry and Catherine. She has never met her biological birth parents.

Jordan Fisher, singer and winner of season 25 of “Dancing with the Stars”, was adopted by his grandparents as his mother was unfit to care for a kid when she had him at age 16. His biological mother had two more children, also taken in by his grandparents due to her drug abuse problems.

Ice-T was orphaned when young. The rapper-turned-actor from South Central Los Angeles, was actually born as Tracy Marrow in New Jersey, but he lost both parents within four years due to heart attacks, and he was sent to Los Angeles to live with his aunt.

Nelson Mandela belongs to a particular African tribe, but was adopted by a chief of another tribe after he lost his father to lung disease. The former South African president and anti-apartheid revolutionary was nine when Chief Jongintaba Dalindyebo of the Thembu people adopted him, as Mandela’s father had been his ally in the past.

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