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How do Celebs Celebrate Their Birthdays? By Being VERY Extra, Apparently

Have you ever wondered what birthday party you would throw for your friends and family if you suddenly possessed a large sum of money? A big bank balance makes all dreams come true! If you never thought about your dream birthday party, some ideas are lined up while reviewing some crazy birthday bashes thrown by our favourite celebs we love!

Floyd Mayweather

Creator: Johnny Nunez | Credit: Getty Images | Copyright: 2021 Johnny Nunez

We all know this professional boxer and exactly how incredibly extravagant Mayweather is! That is because her doesn’t really his ostentatious spending a secret, and shows off his many luxuries on his social media accounts. Mayweather didn’t just have one impressive birthday bash, he’s had many! Some performers and guests at his elaborate parties have been Jamie Foxx, Mariah Carey, and Justin Bieber. He also made the headlines by having some of these celebs escorted out during his grand soirees – like rapper Tyga. Not to outdo himself, but he did not even show up for his own birthday party in Las Vegas, and was charged $35K for his absence – and his excuse was that he was partying in Europe at the same time! He loves themed parties, and he is known for gifting himself with extravagant things, like a jet!  He even had a “Bank of Mayweather” party, decorated in bars of gold and wads of cash!

Sean Combs

Combs skydived into the legendary Playboy Mansion making many men’s dreams come true when throwing his own birthday party. The guest list had all A-listers like Joe Jonas, Vin Diesel, Leonardo DiCaprio, the Kardashians, and Jay Z and Beyonce. Combs partially owns Ciroc vodka, ensuring that vodka flows at all his parties! Open bars in Combs’ parties have a reputation for being the best! He uses the opportunity by launching new flavors at his parties.

Elton John

Creator: UK Press | Credit: UK Press via Getty Images | Copyright: 1997 UK Press

Elton John is an unusually eccentric character and has convinced everyone about this fact. John wears the most bizarre attires that defy all laws of fashion but in the best way and yet unimaginably creative! Elton makes magic happen when he gathers his ensembles, and when he throws a party! John’s 70th birthday party celebrated his life-long achievements and scored a video birthday wish from Prince Harry!

Kylie Jenner

A list of birthdays thrown by very rich people is incomplete without Kylie Jenner, the youngest self-made millionaire who hits headlines with whatever she does. For her 21st bash, she celebrated with a passionately pink party! She wore a pink crystal jumpsuit and partied in a pink ball pit with guests, decorated with pink floral arrangements and the ceiling was covered with countless metallic pink balloons. A wave of pink confetti dropped from the ceiling on guests during the bash!

Leonardo DiCaprio

Creator: Jeff Vespa/VF14 | Credit: WireImage | Copyright: 2014 Jeff Vespa/VF14

Who wouldn’t love to live 24 hours in Leo’s shoes? DiCaprio is that ageless celebrity with a soft spot for drop-dead gorgeous women (okay, they’re always models) as followers and attendees. A man of his calibre must celebrate his big day surrounded by his admirers, and at his birthday parties, there is never a shortfall of stunning models and dazzling ladies. He also delivers on the entertainment side, with celebrity guest performers. At a DiCaprio party, Kanye West and 2-Chainz, performed live for him and his guests! He is extravagant, but generous, having raised over $3 million for his charity.

Perhaps you have some ideas for your Big Day!

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