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Children’s Book Penned by Celebrities That Are ACTUALLY Good

Gabrielle Union, Joanna Gaines, and other celeb moms and dads are in print, having released colorful picture books for children.  Joanna, the Fixer Upper star released her first book in March 2019, naming it ‘We Are the Gardeners’, and co-wrote it her five kids.

This children’s book written together, describes their garden adventure, trying, failing, then trying again and not giving up. It inspires all to move outside, get hands dirty and grow plants! Her next book is ‘The World Needs Who You Were Made To Be’. Her new children’s book says all that is needed for children to hear and believe. The world needs children made with all the strength, kindness and qualities that define who you are.⠀

Gabrielle Union, The L.A.’s Finest star was inspired to acknowledge motherhood which creates and expands families. Her May 2020 book, ‘Welcome to the Party’, celebrates non-traditional families as her surrogacy journey involved pain and heartbreak while sharing daughter Kaavia with husband Dwyane Wade. When Kaavia arrived, with anticipation in the expanded family and community, a celebration was called for. Union feels that children born in different circumstances be welcomed, loved, wanted and celebrated. Jimmy Fallon, The Tonight show Star released in 2010, ‘This Is Baby’, which helped show children their body parts with the help of rhyming words. He also wrote ‘Everything Is Mama’ and ‘Your First Word Will Be Dada’.

Roselyn Sanchez and Eric Winter’s bilingual book, ‘Sebi and the Land of Cha Cha Cha’, features their daughter teaching kids Latin rhythms as there are many books about ballet and tap. Jim Carrey, the Ace Ventura: Pet Detective star in February 2013, dedicated ‘How Roland Rolls’ to Jackson, his grandson. Bethenny Frankel, the Real Housewives of New York City star feels thatupon getting a dog, the dog becomes your baby. But when you have a baby, your dog is a dog, while explaining her 2014 book, ‘Cookie Meets Peanut’. Cookie was her life and still is, but when Bryn was born, she got shafted for a minute. Julianne Moore’s‘Freckleface Strawberry’ book series is inspired by her childhood and is a mixture of fact and fiction. LeBron James the professional basketball player hopes that his picture book, ‘I Promise”, helps kids realize they can do anything. He wanted confident children to realise their capabilities

Savannah Guthrie the Today show co-host released her book in 2017 ‘Princesses Wear Pants’. It’s possible to be a girly girl and yet be a strong woman,” and then published ‘Princesses Save the World’ in 2018. Ricky Martin the Grammy award-winning musician remembered his past travails when starting out in the music business. The book is about a kid who auditions for a school play, but is rejected and the relationship with his father which is exactly what he had with his father. Hoda Kotb, the Today show host wrote ‘You Are My Happy’ in 2019, inspired by her bedtime routine with Hope, her youngest daughter,. This book came after her 2018 book ‘I’ve Loved You Since Forever.’ Jamie Lynn Curtis’ book ‘Me, Myselfie and I’ describes the impact of smartphone technology on families, and provides a whimsical review on everyone’s obsession with self-documentation, and encourages looking beyond screens and living in the moment.

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