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Compare Your Eating Habits to Warren Buffett and other Celebs!

What are the Billionaires’ favourite foods to snack on, ranging from midnight cereal snacks to McDonald’s burgers? Loving junk food proves that billionaires too, are just like us. Consider how two of the world’s richest people, Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, prefer a McDonald’s burger to high-end cuisine. Gather more insights into the favorite snacks of billionaires.

Jeff Bezos

Source: Pexels

The Amazon founder always makes time for a healthy breakfast if possible. His preferences aren’t very common, though. Bezos once requested for bacon, green garlic yogurt, Mediterranean octopus with potatoes, and a poached egg at a breakfast meeting. Before buzzing into space on his rocket ship, Bezos joked with reporters suggesting that the Arroz con Pollo tray he carried could be his “last meal.”

Sara Blakely

The billionaire Spanx founder, who sold off the majority stake in her company to Blackstone in October, leads a rather healthy lifestyle. Every morning she starts with a smoothie which her husband calls “disgusting,” and consisting of frozen wild blueberries, some dark cherries, kale, lemon, water dates, cinnamon, fresh mint, ice spinach, cilantro, chia and walnuts. Wow! Blakely also has green tea with local honey and cashew milk. But her pre-flight ritual is buying a big bag of Cheez-Its. She never eats Cheez-Its except when flying and as she flies a lot, she consumes much Cheez-Its.

Warren Buffett

The 91-year-old Oracle of Omaha’s strange eating habits have been examined in many internet articles, and with good reason. The Berkshire Hathaway Chairman absolutely loves junk food like hot dogs, hamburgers, Cherry Coke and McDonald’s over any high-end cuisine. He despises vegetables and in 2010, preferred eating Cheetos and Coke rather than live a year longer by eating broccoli and asparagus.

Bill Gates

Source: Pexels

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, like Buffett, is unable to resist the call of McDonalds. According to the Gates Foundation insiders, a lunchtime meeting with Bill means you will eat burgers in bags from McDonald’s. It is doubtful Melinda lets him have them at home. Gates is a fan of burgers at the In-N-Out and the Seattle chain Dick’s Drive-In. His favorite beverage is similar to Buffett’s: Diet Coke!

Elon Musk

The famous and candid billionaire shares his food preferences in Reddit AMAs or his eccentric tweets, which reveal that his favorite cuisine is “French and BBQ” while his favorite alcoholic is whiskey. But Musk prefers snacks which are rather lowbrow. The billionaire worth roughly $290 billion, tweeted that his favorite midnight snack is Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

Oprah Winfrey

The billionaire media Moghul has a habit of sharing favorite snack and products in an annually updated list named ‘Oprah’s Favorite Things’ and this year was no an exception. Over the years, Winfrey has focused on many small businesses whose products she adores. Recently, sweet treats from Tonya Council, a North Carolina baker made the cut. The media guru declared Council’s Pecan Crisp Cookies to be an outstanding savory treat.

Mark Zuckerberg

Source: Pexels

The Facebook founder had once adopted a diet comprising of meat he killed by himself (and even served Twitter honcho Jack Dorsey goat-meat at a 2011 dinner party, and you guessed it, he personally slaughtered it!) He has now adopted more mainstream dietary habits and consumes anything that involves a quick decision. He prefers spending time focusing on Facebook, Meta, whatever.

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