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Exclusive: Everything That Scarlet Johansson Splurges On

Scarlett Johansson is one of the biggest stars in the entertainment industry. She calls the shots on screen and off-screen with her trademark audacity besides being popular, beautiful, and talented. Scarlett is indeed a household name, besides being one of the highest-paid actresses globally. She enjoys living a luxurious life with all the money she earns, splurging on finer things in life with her Hollywood earnings. Some things that keep her in the lap of luxury are:


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Scarlett Johansson’s skin is flawless, without any blemish on her skin as she was the face of Dolce and Gabbana makeup. Her flawless skin ensures her starring in many ad campaigns. She looks her flawless best at various events and is always red-carpet-ready, as she spends hugely on luxurious products that ensures she looks gorgeous 24*7.


Scarlett’s net worth is estimated at $100 million and she works hard for every penny earned. She has adorned great movies such as Her, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Iron Man, Lost In Translation, The Avengers and so many more. Paparazzi spot Scarlett partying at exotic locations around Mokai in Miami, Pure in Las Vegas, and the Tillman Jazz Lounge in London as she enjoys travelling around the world in her plush jet, flying to undisclosed locations and spends time in Paris shopping sprees. You spot her frolicking in the sun in Cabos San Lucas as Scarlett enjoys flying south of the border for vacations. Cabo is a very popular beach playground for Hollywood stars, featuring in her favorites’ list.


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Living in Los Angeles is tough after spending a bomb on your apartment. However, Scarlett got the plushest pad ever, which lies close to major movie studios and has a superb panoramic view of Hollywood Hills. Scarlett spent around $4 million on a huge home, constructed in the 1940’s, in an outstanding Los Angeles’s Los Feliz area. The one-acre house has four-bedrooms, 4 full and two half bathrooms. It has a step-down living room and a marble fireplace to drive away the winter blues, giving her house, a vintage vibe.


Big stars like Scarlett Johansson cannot be satisfied with just one home! Scarlett puts her money to good use by investing in real estate. This stunning celeb bought a home in the Hamptons long back in 2014. With homes on two different coasts, life can never better. She bought the 1.4-acre mansion house worth $2.2 million. The 4 bed home has an open floored plan, leading up to the deck and the living spaces outside, plus a master suite with a spacious fireplace and private balcony.


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Scarlett Johansson has a charitable side too, believing in giving back when she can. Scarlett assists many charity organizations such as the American Humane Society, Cancer Research UK, Aid Still Required, Not On Our Watch, Feeding America, and many other organisations. She was an ambassador for Oxfam for over eight years. She asserts that any spotlight on her, should be directed onto better causes. That is absolutely the right approach for celebs to put forward!

Well, Scarlet is one of a kind and lives life on her terms! And why not? She absolutely deserves it.

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