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The Most Expensive Engagement Rings Ever Worn

We all want to find love and security in a world full of uncertainty. Even our favorite celebs who seem to have it all are just normal people who want to have someone whom they can call a partner. But because of hectic schedule and work, some relationships crumble before they can even start. There are some who remains hopeful of finding that one true love. There are also those who have already found their partner to-be and what they usually do is to put a ring on it.

Since of the beautiful lady celebs already have all that money can buy, and the pressure falls on the guy to get them an engagement ring that is worthy of the tabloid front covers. The thing with engagement rings are that they can be compared to those previous Hollywood engagements. So who owns Hollywood’s most expensive ring? Read on to find out.

Jennifer Lopez

She may always be Jenny from the block but she is also Jennifer who has the rock. The Pop singer was asked by latin singer Marc Anthony, to marry him with an 8.5-carat diamond engagement ring worth $4 million. They were married for seven blissful years before filing for a divorce last 2011. After the breakup, Jen decided to auction all the jewelry that was given by Marc, so she could have a fresh start. And yes, that includes her engagement ring. Now that she is dating a multi-millionaire Alex Rodriguez, chances are she might be given a much more expensive ring.

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton admitted of almost losing her $2 million engagement ring at a club in Miami.

The Hilton Hotel heiress is famous for her socialite status. She entered the world of Hollywood not because of talent but because of her money and power. The heiress has been engaged to a man of her kind, an heir named Paris. Paris Latsis is a Greek shipping heir who popped the “Will you marry me?” question to Hilton on May 2005. The ring was rumored to be at $5 million and a 25 carat diamond at it’s centre. Unfortunately, the couple broke up on October that same year. What happened to the ring? Well, it has been replaced by another ring after Paris’s recent engagement to actor Chris Zylka, which is worth $2 million and the size half of her pinky.


Kim Kardashian-West

Whats that on Kim K’s hand? Oh nothing, its just a $4.5m dollar engagement ring.

If there is one single family in Hollywood that seems to be over-the-top, that would be the Kardashians. Maybe this is the reason why the men who come into their lives have to step up their game- and Kanye West did exactly that. The rapper proposed to Kim K back in 2013 with a $1.5 million engagement ring. But the story of engagement rings doesn’t end there. In 2016, Kanye gave Kim a second engagement ring, a 20-carat diamond piece by Lorraine Schwartz that costs $4.5 million. Her two engagement rings alone can pay debts of some countries.

Elizabeth Taylor

For someone who loved diamonds, this ring was quite apt.

No woman in Hollywood is more famous than Elizabeth when it comes to jewelry. The British-American actress owns expensive pieces that are either purchased or were given by her many husbands. Her most expensive engagement ring, however, was given by her fifth husband Richard Burton. The cost of the engagement ring was never declared back then but it is now valued to be worth $8.8 million. It is a 33.4-carat diamond ring which is now called the ‘Elizabeth Taylor Diamond’. Well, if a man can offer a ring, Elizabeth can make sure it is named after her.

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey was seen wearing her engagement ring one day after Packer called off the wedding.

Mariah has always been a diva and that means any man who decides to marry her should be able to live up to her expectations. One man who was up to the challenge was Australian businessman James Packer. Packer proposed to Mariah with a 35-carat diamond engagement ring that is worth $10 million. Sadly, the most expensive engagement in Hollywood headed towards splitsville. Packer broke up with Carey and called off the wedding after seven months of being engaged. According to him, the relationship was a mistake since he was in a very bad place when they started dating. Luckily for Mariah, she was able to get full custody of the ring since it was Packer who broke up with her. The price may be right but their love wasn’t.

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