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It’s the Famous but Forgotten Bling Ring’s 10th Anniversary Already

Nancy Jo Sales, Vanity Fair contributor wrote about a group of Los Angeles teenagers who became famous after ripping off their star idols, more than 10 years ago. The story inspired a Hollywood film, an infamous voicemail of a reality star, and abusive online harassments for its author. The Bling Ring debuted on Netflix on January 18, seven years after its release of “The Suspects Wore Louboutins,”. The film depicts a gang of Calabasas-based teens, who burglarized celebrity homes, while the story was published in the Vanity Fair magazine in the 2010 March issue. The recurring irritation to Sales is unrelated to Sofia Coppola’s beautiful film.

Mixed Reviews

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The Bling Ring movie opened to mixed reviews in 2013. The film showcases Alexis Neiers, hilariously potrayed by Emma Watson, with actual dialogue Neiers recorded when interviewed about her life, in her lawyer’s office with her mother Andrea Dunn, a self-described minister in the church of the Secret, looking on. Neiers told that he wanted to lead a big charity organization or even a country, and that hadn’t given him these talents and looks to just become a model or become famous. Neiers was annoyed for not written a puff piece about her for Vanity Fair. This was never promised in 2009 when meeting in the hallowed halls of the LA Superior Court, when Neiers was shooting her reality show, ‘Pretty Wild’.

Complaints Galore

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Neiers’s lawyer, Jeffery Rubenstein, or his associate Susan Haber, were present every time Neiers was interviewed. Rubenstein encouraged his client to talk and “protect her interests” in the face of “a prejudicial media storm.” Neiers was shocked when the article show-cased her involvement in the Bling Ring burglaries. Neiers called Sales (captured in an infamous video clip from TV’s Pretty Wild) and complained that the story misrepresented her and does so repeatedly over the past decade. Just when we all thought that she had calmed down, she began giving her interviews, on Instagram, Twitter, or her podcast (Recovering From Reality), complaining about how Sales ruined her life. It became her claim to fame, this young lady who once said she wanted to head the country one day!

Not Funny after a Decade

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Younger people find the clip as incredibly funny as Neiers was shouting and clearly distraught. An element of sexist cyber-bullying possibly exists as the clip is quoted and passed around, showing a catfight between two women of different generations. “Pretty Wild” was a misogynistic show that was based on its subjects exploitation, putting Neiers and friend Tess Taylor in skimpy bikinis. But no amount of sympathy quells Neiers’s ire, even a decade later. She repeatedly accused Sales of “lying” about her and “not being at all honest” in her reporting. Sales mistakenly said Neiers was wearing a pair of pricey Louboutins to court, instead of her “twenty-nine dollars brown Bebe shoes” because she wore red sole Louboutins some other day. Bling Ring was an obsession with celebrity and luxury brands and now, it’s the popular refusal to accept responsibility for anything, and just go on the attack. It’s very Trump. Neiers’s suggestion that Sales took advantage of a drug-addicted girl, is incorrect as Sales had no idea Neiers used drugs and would have included it in her story. After 10 years, it’s now time to let go.

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