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Famous Ladies Who Had to Pay Alimony

With many celebrity divorces this year, some unions were amicably dissolved, while others were not so successful like Kaley Cuoco’s ex-hubby and Brian Austin Green. Super-successful female celebrities expect such things to happen and some even forced to pay alimony to exes:

Elizabeth Taylor

Creator: Jim Smeal, Jim Smeal

Elizabeth Taylor fell in love with construction worker Larry Fortensky, a man 20 years her junior, at the Betty Ford Center. She married him, but with a prenup. Five years later, the two decided to divorce. Even though they had signed a prenup, Fortensky secured $1 million worth of spousal support, more money than he ever earned.

Kirstie Alley

When Hollywood actress Kirstie Alley divorced Parker Stevenson after 14 years of marriage, he demanded alimony to support his lavish lifestyle, which he had gotten used to! Alley was then very popular in showbiz with successful television series like Cheers and Veronica’s Closet and movies like Look Who’s Talking. Stevenson failed to secure spousal support, but was succe4ssful in getting $6 million as a one-time pay-out.

Jane Seymour

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Jane Seymour divorced her husband David Flynn after more than a decade of marriage, and she had to pay the man $10,000 per month as per the alimony agreement, which was much less than the $20,000 per month he demanded. She was also forced to surrender 50% of her $5 million ocean facing property the couple had bought in Santa Barbara. Surprisingly, this wasn’t enough to put her off the marriage game forever as she married actor James Keach, a year later, but ultimately divorced in 2013.

Roseanne Barr

In 1991, Roseanne Barr married actor Tom Arnold, but preferred not to secure a prenup agreement, despite being warned by her legal counsel. Just 4 years after their wedding, when divorcing, she learnt her lesson a very hard way, when ordered to pay a lump sum spousal support to Arnold of $50 million. It is rumoured he squandered it.

Anne Heche

Anne Heche and hubby Coley Laffoon had a nasty divorce battle over two years. He alleged that Anne was “crazy” and that she had refused to seek professional help while his lies surfaced as she “would not cave in to his astronomical money demands.” Finally, she paid no alimony but gave Laffoon a one-time payment of $275,000 along with $15,000 every month for child support, which was then lowered to $3,700 as she had lost her part in Men in Trees.

Janet Jackson

Creator: Ron Galella, Ltd. | Credit: Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images | Copyright: 1995 Ron Galella, Ltd.

Janet Jackson marriage to Rene Elizondo was a secret until he filed for divorce and a $25 million in spousal support. Though they had a prenup agreement, Elizondo had also co-written 37 of Janet’s songs and had even directed several of her music videos. After a 3 year long legal tussle, Elizondo agreed to receive $15 million and their huge five-bedroom Malibu beach home. That was a great payout!

Anna Faris

Before Chris Pratt, Anna Faris had married Ben Indra. While her career took off, her hubby’s career stalled and three years after marriage, Faris was forced to pay $900K in spousal support, divide properties and part with some of her acting royalties.

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