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These Hotel Room Requests Made by Celebrities Have us Shocked!

An oven, white lilies, a red carpet? If you can think it, celebs have already demanded it. Right from Jennifer Lopez’s 2 page list of “absolute essentials” to a famous rapper’s odd request for rolls of tin foil, find out what are the weirdest demands made by the stars at hotels.

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Weird Requests

The minders of a fair-haired pop star who was facing some mental health issues demanded that she was not given access to any phones that could connect to the outside and that alcohol and caffeine to be banned from the rooms she and her entourage stayed. At one point she asked for a chocolate milkshake, and after just five minutes went ballistic, called reception and gave them a tongue-lashing because her beverage hadn’t been delivered fast enough.

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A top 10 female tennis player daily needed 21 water bottles in a star shape, on her desk in her room after she returned from hitting practice at the Australian Open. During the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, the President of an African country requested to have portraits of himself hung up throughout his hotel suite.

An on again/off again couple and musical duo stayed at an Australian hotel before their very public bust up in 2009 but Andre Rieu was staying in the room underneath kept on complaining about the noisy arguments coming from the room above. A well-known crooner was smoking a lot of marijuana in his room and would regularly call for hamburgers with extra bacon throughout the night. He also requested that none of his music be played in the hotel lobby during his stay.

Strange Behavior

A wealthy member of the royal family from an Arab state in 2004 surprised a female staff member by exposing his body when she delivered the room service food he had just ordered. An Aussie pint-sized singer and pop star who also dabbles in TV was thrilled that one of the staff members was a massive fan and decided to reward him for his support.

The staff member was taking her up to her room in the service elevator when she put on an impromptu performance for him. This was especially true for a 1980’s pop star with a pushy minder sending a list of demands before the ageing singer arrived. The minder also requested an assortment of scented candles to be in the room upon arrival. Before he arrived, his assistant lit all of the candles at once and then complained that they didn’t smell nice when they were lit together.

The Customer is King

Source: Pexels

The Ritz, London has done everything from sourcing a battleship for one guest and even running to Brighton to fetch fresh sea water because a guest wanted to bathe in it! Another guest needed a horse’s saddle for her dressage competition. The saddle was collected, flown to London and hand-delivered to the client’s home. Despite bizarre stories, celebrities are well behaved, and more often than not it’s their minders who are the real problem-creators. When you read about the ridiculous demands that some celebs make, these are usually made by their assistants who just try to throw their weight around.

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