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Huge Celebrities Who Weren’t Immune to Getting Scammed – Part II

Although we fantasize about $20 million movie pay checks, $500 million net worth and a life of luxury, celebrity visibility to the public ensures top class scammers and con artists who have perfected the art of scamming and ensure that celebrities too are scammed. A popular way for celebs to interact with fans or promote projects is by using social media apps like Facebook Live. You see your favorite stars online as social distancing prevents them from working. While enjoying this free entertainment, scammers have found ways to profit off live streaming.

Sidney Poitier

Creator: Tommaso Boddi | Credit: WireImage | Copyright: 2014 Tommaso Boddi

Unfortunately for A-listers celeb scam artists are nothing new. In 1987, a person named Charles Agee Atkins was charged with defrauding Andy Warhol Sidney Poitier, and some others into a fake tax shelter scheme. The scandal became the largest tax fraud case in American history, generating over $1 billion in fictitious losses. To avoid similar scams, learn more about legal tax shelters that protect your money. Poitier passed away this week!

Anne Hathaway

Celebs are people vulnerable to being hurt by those close to them. In 2008, Raffaello Follieri, her ex-boyfriend, pleaded guilty to misappropriating $2.4 million worth of investors’ money, including funds from the “Interstellar” actress. Follieri’s racket was slimy as he posed as an official from the Vatican and promised his investors Italian property that was held by the Roman Catholic Church. He was released from prison in 2012, after a 4 ½-year jail-stay and deported to Italy, where he continues actively investing.

Dane Cook

There’s something very shameful about scam artists striking from within your family, but it’s a situation that happens all too often in the celebrity world. In the 1990s, the actor Dane Cook’s half-brother and his wife not only managed his comedy business, but skimmed a hefty $12 million off for themselves. In 2010, the fraudulent duo pleaded guilty to charges, including embezzlement,  larceny, and forgery, but had to back pay the money and some restful time in prison.

Kiefer Sutherland

Creator: Jim Dyson | Copyright: 2020 Jim Dyson

Kiefer Sutherland is no cattle salesman, but he aimed to be a cattle baron in 2007, when he invested $869,000 in the cattle industry and instead, it benefited steer-roper Michael Wayne Carr’s bank account. Stephen Maier, the California Deputy District Attorney, reported there was no money and no cattle. In 2011, Carr had to return $1.6 million to his victims, including Sutherland.

Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler has lovely skin, but bck in 2010, the price she paid, was certainly not worth it. Along with stars like Melanie Griffith, Jennifer Aniston and Anne Hathaway, a Hollywood beauty consultant, Maria Gabriela Perez spent over $280,000 of her clients’money after securing her celeb list clients’ credit card data. Tyler was hit the hardest as Perez racked up $214,000 expenses on two American Express cards. She pleaded guilty to access device fraud and finally sentenced to house arrest and probation.

Tiger Woods

Creator: Jamie Squire | Credit: Getty Images | Copyright: 2020 Getty Images

Tiger Woods has had his fair share of scandals, but wasn’t at fault, in this case of identity theft. Anthony Lemar Taylor obtained a driver’s license with Woods’ name, birth date and Social Security number and used it to buy a car, 70-inch TV and some stereos, billed to the real Tiger.  Taylor spent $17,000 worth of Woods’ money between 1998 and 1999. In 2001, he was sentenced to 200 years in prison for the crime.

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