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Jay Z and Beyoncé Officially Have the Best Car Collection We have Ever Seen!

The combined net worth of Jay-Z and his wife, Beyoncé is $1.25 billion enabling them to own one of the largest car collections in the US. While the rapper and musician has purchased most vehicles in their garage, Beyoncé also bought some family-friendly vehicles.

They do have a great taste in vehicles, purchasing the most envious and luxurious cars ever made and his knowledge of different supercars, and ultra-luxury cars, has enabled the building a huge car collection that is famous globally. Beyoncé too has added a number of family-friendly vehicles, aligning with her status as a mother, paying close attention to her kids with the inclusion of SUVs, vans, and minivans. She has an impressive taste in supercars and owns a Mercedes-Benz McLaren SLR.


This acquisition, a legit convertible legend, was first manufactured in 1966 and officially released during the 36th Geneva Motor Show. The vehicle’s 1.5-liter engine might not be an impressive feature compared to contemporary cars, but the car comes with a price tag of $115,000 and more if customized.


The Carters sure do love SUVs, especially if the car is a concept vehicle which Jay Z personally designed along with GM. It is a perfect fit for the rapper as it is painted a beautiful shade of blue, which is the rapper’s signature colour.


This $78,000 car purchased by Jay-Z comes in pure black with black rims, and is much ahead of time technology-wise. One reason why Jay-Z picked this vehicle is its impressive gas mileage.


This vehicle was modelled after a war-era car even though its creators don’t actually claim that. The Wrangler is described as the brand’s biggest successes and this SUV is now one of the bestselling cars.


This car’s body is carbon fibre, has 650 horsepower with a top speed of 224 mph. It has been aptly described as one of the world’s fastest cars due to its power.


When Jay-Z turned 41, Beyoncé gifted him this rare car worth $2 million. With 1,000 horsepower, this car is among the world’s fastest cars with a top speed of 254 MPH. Beyoncé placed an order for the very rare Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport, one year earlier so it could come in time for her husband’s birthday.


Beyoncé really admires Mercedes-Benz as she owns three vehicles made by this car manufacturer. The couple was spotted whizzing around Paris in the S Class Benz. This automobile is great for basic travel and it certainly doesn’t compromize on style.


Beyoncé reportedly bought this limousine because of her baby but is beyond a regular van with a totally made up interior. The car has a bathroom with full cream leather interior. It has four seats and boasts a T.V. The van initially cost $125,000, but Beyoncé has added different new features such as the leather seats.


This a family car purchased by Beyoncé after considering her family’s needs as it is among the best large-sized SUVs available in the market and is one of the singer’s favourite as she has been seen in it, numerous times. This car is family-friendly with automatic parking space features and surround vision. Only a few upgrades are necessary on the Escalade as it has 420 horsepower and 20-inch rims with three seating rows, making it perfect for her packed trips.

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