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How Did Leaving the White House Impact Michelle Obama’s Net Worth? You’ll Be Surprised!

Michelle Obama, her very name reminds all of how much she has achieved for the Girl Child, how strong-willed a lady she is, and for the world in general. Even without data back-up, the former FLOTUS is respected all over the world. Does she not evoke respect and inspire all of us?


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The truth is that such data actually exists. YouGov conducted its annual review of the people the members of the public admire the most, and this year, Mrs. Obama led the women’s pack. She dethroned Angelina Jolie, the 2018’s queen, who was third this time. The first runners-up was Oprah Winfrey, the media personality, who was followed by Queen Elizabeth II in fourth position, and Emma Watson put a lid on the top five. To ensure total inclusivity, YouGov conducted the poll in over 40 countries, with the total participants capped at 42,000. Other prominent names on the women’s list included Angela Merkel, Taylor Swift, Hillary Clinton, Madonna, and Priyanka Chopra.

You may admit that all these outstanding women earned the right to be on this list. Each made significant contributions aimed at making this world a much better place, and ultimately that does matter. They used their fame and social platforms for doing good, and undoubtedly, history will be kind to them. Becoming USA’s First Lady transformed Michelle’s life more than she could possibly have imagined. The couple’s combined net worth was estimated at a rather modest $1.5 million, when they first entered the White House, but due to business endeavours over time, Michelle alone is worth more than $40 million! The Obamas are always equal partners, it’s only natural for everyone to admire the couple. Barack was second on the men’s list, and followed only tech genius Bill Gates. He was on the top the previous year, and his consistency in his life’s spheres, still shows.


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Is it possible that Michelle’s memoir, “Becoming”, had anything to do with her topping this list? The book hit its target audience, and become an instant bestseller. And with everything Mrs. Obama shares, there remains a lot to learn from “Becoming”.


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Addressing mothers above all, Michelle insists that they need to take good care of themselves. As a mother of two herself, she surely understands a lot about prioritizing everyone else’s needs whilst temporarily placing her own, in the background. She mentions the guilt a mother feels when she decides to take a break from tending to her family. However, she insists that a mother take care of herself, and is possibly the best thing she does for her family. Effectively, she is a better person and with that, also a better wife, and an outstanding mom. While Mothers may be ever-smiling, marriage isn’t exactly a piece of cake. About marriage, Michelle does not beat around the bush, readily admitting that it is never easy, despite the pair smiling at each other in public. We shouldn’t assume that her marriage to Barack is a bed of roses simply because of all that we see. She insists that if required, couples must seek counselling, and not regard it as a weakness. With this much wisdom and plain-speaking, she is easily one of the world’s most admired woman?

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