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Loved Watching the 2020 Olympic Games? Here are the Richest Sportspersons Who Participated in It

The 2020 edition of the Tokyo Olympics was delayed by one year and held amidst much controversy, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The sharp rise in Japan’s coronavirus cases ensured the start only on July 23rd, 2021 and ended on August 8th. The participating athletes tried their best, but were uninspired by empty stands without spectators. Neither lack of spectators nor virus COVID-19 spread, failed to deter the richest Olympians participating in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics from amassing huge amounts in their bank accounts.


Creator: Jesse D. Garrabrant | Credit: NBAE via Getty Images | Copyright: 2016 NBAE

Kevin Durant the Brooklyn Nets’ forward player, earns a salary of $42 million. Huge, isn’t it? But that’s not all for him. His investments have reaped massive dividends for him. The triple Olympic gold medallist and NBA champion grew his fortune, due to Boardroom, his media network and Thirty-Five Ventures, a capital venture firm and stake-holder in Philadelphia Union. Kevin has led Team USA, twice due to absence of LeBron James and Kobe Bryant and earned $75 million to confirm the No.1 ranking.


The Japanese 23-year-old is her country’s golden girl and a valuable player asset. Naomi Osaka with her total fortune of $60 million takes second spot and also is the richest female athlete to compete at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Further she has overtaken Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova in terms of tennis records and earnings. Naomi has earned over $55 million alone from her endorsements. She has signed major contracts with brands such as Google, Workday, Levi’s as well as Luis Vuitton. Currently World No.2, she has been a winner at four Grand Slam tournaments, besides being the reigning champion at the US and Australian Opens.


Creator: Ethan Miller | Credit: Getty Images | Copyright: 2021 Getty Images

The 31-year-old point guard from Portland Trail Blazers net worth at $40.5 million is the third richest Olympian on this list. The star endorsed brands like 2K Sports, Hulu and Gatorade, which earned massive sums within one year. A new Adidas contract is now worth $100 million. Apart from these endorsements, he also starred in Space Jam: A New Legacy, an animated re-hash of the 1996 classic which handles racism sensitivities. Damian is at the top of his game and has won cold for USA at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.


Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, and Rafael Nadal, are the top three in men’s tennis. Novak Djokovic, the Serbian star, 34, is the only one among them at fourth position in the richest Olympians list at Tokyo. The World No. 1 earned $30 million from endorsement deals with Head, Austrian tennis equipment manufacturer, NetJets, Lacoste, and Peugeot, besides taking his net fortune to $34.5 million with tremendous hard work.


Creator: Ramsey Cardy | Credit: Sportsfile via Getty Images | Copyright: ©SPORTSFILE

The hype around golf star Rory hasn’t earned any medal but it’s raining dollars as on date. Rory, 32 represented Northern Ireland at this Olympics. The fifth richest participating Olympian has a net worth of $32 million due to lucrative contracts with Omega, Nike, United Health Group, boosting earnings over $29 million in 1920, with another $15 million in 2019 as FedEx Cup Champion.

These five richest Olympians at Tokyo 2020 also had Khris Middleton, Jrue Holiday, Devin Booker, and Kei Nishikori who earn plenty from endorsements and prize money.

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