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Luke Perry’s Sudden Death Shocked Us, and Now His Net Worth Shocks Us Again

Actor Luke Perry was very well known and we had seen him grow up from a teenager in Beverly Hills, 90210 to playing a dad on the new gritty CW series Riverdale, which is loosely draws inspiration from the Archie Comics series. The actor was only 52 when he passed away on March 4th, 2019. This was full five days after Perry suffered a massive stroke that left him dealing with major complications, eventually resulting in his demise.

The actor leaves behind grieving family, friends and fans, but more importantly, he also left behind a huge legacy. His body of work and the formidable arsenal of characters he portrayed, go back across decades and even generations. Parents know him as the notorious Dylan McKay from the hugely popular Beverly Hills, 90210, their kids know him as Archie’s dad, Fred Andrews from the breakout hit Riverdale. Not afraid to shy away from the smaller roles on TV shows and in movies, he also appeared in cult favorites Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Sandlot: Heading Home and those made way, way back in the 80’s – Another World and Loving.

He was still part of the show Riverdale, before he suffered the fatal stroke and he was keen to take the backseat in the show to let the younger cast members take the reins. He was looking forward to teaching them a thing or two about the show business, and he was just being the perfect dad.

According to the website Celebrity Net Worth, Perry was worth at least $10 million at the time of his death. Talking about who gets to inherit his wealth, he has two kids from his first marriage, Sophie (who rushed in from Malawi to bid her dad goodbye) and son Jack (who is a professional wrestler). His children are expected to inherit the most, and he may have left behind something for his new fiancée, Wendy Madison Bauer. Wendy and Luke were all set to get married in summer of 2019, but it was never meant to be…

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