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Meghan and Harry’s SHOCKING Online Attack Claims

Meghan Markle is identified as the victim of a coordinated and lucrative online attack campaign. In 2019 when Meghan Markle learned about her status as among the most trolled people in the entire world, she never revealed the stats on any podcast in 2020, to draw up pity. She tried desperately to communicate just how impossible her situation had become. In hindsight, after revelations of Markle and Harry’s big interview with Oprah and the media frenzy it caused, these comments are downright sad.

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That malaise has not ceased and happens to this present day, as the last report of the three made by Bot Sentinel, the data analytics service, published on January 18, claims that Meghan is the victim of a systematic targeted hate-for-profit enterprise. The report reveals that a category of anti-Meghan YouTube channels have amassed over 497 million combined views, but also earned about $ 3.5 million by doing so. The three top creators from this hate-spewing cohort, all women, earned about $495,000 from the YouTube videos and expanded their vile campaigns on Twitter, spreading false information to journalists and royal experts.

Anti-Meghan Posts

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This analysis comes after two previous reports from Bot Sentinel, both of which explored the extent to which the Meghan hate accounts impact news coverage. The analytics service found that the majority of anti-Meghan posts on Twitter emanated from less than 90 accounts, but registered a combined reach of 17 million viewers. According to Bot Sentinel, nine out of 10 prominent Twitter accounts that cover the British royal family, interacted with at least one of such hate accounts Though the investigation was limited  to 10 journalists /royal commentators, research demonstrated that two royal experts amplified these hate-filled accounts, and these hate accounts influenced journalist reports, Bot Sentinel reported. They opined that several well-known and active accounts that were proactively targeting journalists and various royal commentators to boost up their own visibility and broaden their hate campaign, and in a few cases, they succeeded.

Financial Gains for the Attackers

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What is alarming about the findings is that this coordinated an attack was rewarded, financially, by nobody else but YouTube, owned by Google. Bot Sentinel says that the majority of these hate campaigns involved and were led by white women between 38-65 years, who were deeply motivated by racist views and YouTube ad revenues. These people are said to work together to make conspiracy theories, circulate them via Twitter, and then go on to detail them on YouTube videos to rope in views and make ad revenues. It’s come out that the monetized YouTube channels made over $400,000 combined: the literal depiction of don’t believe everything you see online. People forget how easy it is to circulate fake news. It’s so shocking to watch this mostly middle-aged woman spread so much hate and lies about a person they don’t know personally. Don’t they have at least a little bit of morality and decency? It’s more about cashing in! These people are running a business out of other people’s hatred of Meghan Markle. It is surprising to heap so much hate for one person. As Meghan was an easy and soft target, it was a great way to cash in. Why not try and spread goodwill and cheer instead? Maybe the cost is high! YouTube and Twitter should have to re-think their hate speech policy on minorities and stop baseless charges online.

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