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The Mysterious Sinks of Kim Kardashian West Explained

When Kim Kardashian West was featured in the Vogue ’73 Questions’ video, that also gave us a glimpse at her minimalist house,  many viewers were left confused because of the strange sinks in the spare bathroom of the master suite.  How could anyone not be left baffled, there are faucets and all, but no basins in sight?  People were left scratching their heads… was the spare master bath of the house still unfinished?

With loads of people questioning Kim, how exactly the faucets worked, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star finally used her Instagram stories to give people a tour of the master bath and answer important questions, just to clear the confusion.

She starts off the tour by showing off other parts of the house, like the patio with 2 outdoor chairs.  Kardashian-West then proceeds to the bathroom and explains how its entire ceiling is a light box. By the way, that is a great feature for selfies, especially as the reality star-turned business mogul loves clicking selfies in her bathroom.

Kim moved on to show a huge bathtub in the video, plus the shower area that’s enclosed by glass. Then, she finally moved on to those controversial sink, that have been designed by Kanye himself, with the help of architect Claudio Silvestrin and interior designer Axel Vevoordt. Kardashian West first explained that they preferred the sink to be an island in the middle of the bathroom rather than have it against a wall, because it looks cooler that way.  As to why their sinks have no basins, she says that the flat surface where the basin should have been, is not flat at all.  The surface has a slight slope and a slot at the edge where the water falls through.  She even demonstrated for viewers that the water does go down the slot drain, and explained that faucet, even when put on high pressure, won’t splash all over. Very neat, Kim!

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