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Osama bin Laden’s Family’s Abandoned Bel-Air Estate Listed with HUGE Price Tag

A Bel-Air located stylish residence owned by dead terrorist Osama bin Laden’s half-brother is now on the market for only $28 million. Ibrahim bin Laden, the half-brother, still owns the 634 Stone Canyon Road property which measures 7,100 square-feet as reported in the listing. Finished in 1931, the house sits on about 2 acres of land, and has largely been vacant in the last 2 decades, falling into disrepair. It has 7 bedrooms and five bathrooms and is also being marketed as a teardown.

$28M Listing Price

Credit: Dirt

The estate, made with concrete and painted pink, is only a few doors down from the Hotel Bel-Air. Interior images of the place are very rare due to its much deteriorated state. But many of the palm trees on the property continue to survive, and the spa and swimming pool appear to be well-maintained. A separate pool house is available. The four-car garage once housed two Rolls-Royces and a Lamborghini. Ibrahim, like his half-brother Osama, was one of the 56 children born to construction tycoon from Saudi Arabian, Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden, from his 22 wives. Mohammed was the patriarch of the multi-billionaire bin Laden tribe, and his family had deep business ties to the royal Al Saud family. During the ’60s, Hollywood producer Arthur Freed owned the property, and you’ll know him for his famed productions The Wizard of Oz and Singin’ in the Rain.

House Abandoned since two decades

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Ibrahim , the elder half-brother of Osama, the villain behind the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks lived in between this pad in Bel-Air and in Saudi Arabia’s Jeddah. He never returned to the US after the terrorist attacks, as reports state. He purchased the house in 1983 when he was only  20. Ibrahim bin Laden lived here with his ex-wife, Los Angeles socialite Christine Hartunian Sinay, and they have daughter Sibba Hartunian together, until their 1990s divorce. Christine then married and divorced Los Angeles musician Jason Sinay, who is also the son of Fiji Water owner, Lynda Resnick. Following the horrendous September 11 attacks, Ibrahim, who was on a vacation abroad, decided to never come back to the US, fearing the negative attention his last name would bring him.

Maintenance of Mansion Not Done

Credit: The Kick

A onetime University of Southern California student, Ibrahim rented the property out, and by 2010, it was being used to shoot indecent movies! The property’s windows have remained boarded up since Ibrahim left the home. They used to have full-time help, groundskeepers, private security and chauffeurs. Ibrahim bought the Mediterranean villa-style manse for $1,653K at the time, which would be $5.5 million in today’s money. But, the listing states that he has not lived here for more than 2 decades. Bin Laden claims that he has never had to work a single day in his life due to his family’s immense wealth. Today, tall weeds now replace the once-grassy lawns. Stone fountains lie empty and are crumbling, and the grand motor court has cracked in many spots. The home is situated on over 2 acres of land. Bel Air has seen a number of eight-figure sales this year and is a favorite among spec- developers.

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