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After the Red Carpet is Rolled Away, Where Do Stars Keep their Awards? – Part I

Not all stars have trophy cases or mantles or a shelf for their trophies. Some celebs see their awards as an act in humility, stashing these in awful places. Others pass these to their parents, in gratitude for the work put in to reach their goals or because they don’t trust being responsible for safety. Some are even unaware about where their statuettes are now.  But they all have a story. So as the latest trophies are handed out at the Golden Globes each year, let’s see what has happened after these winners thanked all and sundry and dumped these Awards!

Gwyneth Paltrow

Source: Pexels

Though she won the 1999 Oscars for her lead in ‘Shakespeare in Love’, she stashed the trophy at the back of the bookshelf in her bedroom as it felt weird for whatever reason, and has been feeling somewhat embarrassed as traumatic feelings associated with some tough times in her life, keep popping up.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Life is a beach for the Academy Award winning ‘Chicago’ star picked up in 2003, just before giving birth to daughter Carys. The Oscar resides in their island-home in Bermuda, she shares with husband Michael Douglas. As few Oscars have lived there, every visitor wants a photograph with him.

Tom Hanks

Sounds like Hanks and actress wife Rita Wilson’s trophy cabinet is like the famous “box of chocolates” as you’ll never know what you end up getting. His two Oscars, for ‘93’s ‘Philadelphia’ and ‘Forrest Gump’ the very next year, were lumped with some soccer trophies and the World’s Greatest Mom trophy from Mother’s Day.

Cuba Gooding Jr.

In the years following his 1997 win, the Jerry Maguire star’s Oscar has stood the test of time. For 6 years, the statue remained in his temperature-controlled wine cellar, shining like new. Now in the open in his screening room, it’s tarnished, which is cool as like him it’s starting to age and get character.

Julia Roberts

Speaking about where she houses her 2009 Oscar, the ‘Erin Bronckovich’ actress confirmed it’s in the piano room or parlor where her daughter plays the piano.

Claire Foy

Bragging is not the “in” thing for this British actress, who re-located her Golden Globe to the lavatory. You can’t really put it somewhere under a spotlight because that would be showing off, explained Claire who reigned as Queen E on Netflix’s ‘The Crown’s’ first 2 seasons.

Timothy Hutton

Source: Pexels

When Hutton won an Oscar at 20 for his performance in the ‘80’s flick ‘Ordinary People’, his own sister felt it would be fun to put the golden statue in the freezer when people would grab a beer or something, and it’s still there.

Alicia Vikander

When the Swedish actress had yet to settle down permanently, she left her Best Actress trophy for 2016’s ‘The Danish Girl’ with a friend in LA, prompting the friend’s daughter to experience an adventure. The little girl still sends photos to Alicia to prove that she’s taking care of him and Alicia loves the little updates she gets!

Anna Paquin

The Piano actress was rather casual about the Academy Award she won when 11 and kept it next to her boots at the back of her closet; she told five years after her 1994 victory. She refuses to display it as she and her friends would be uncomfortable about it.

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