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With Samuel L. Jackson’s Movies Grossing $7.4 Billion in Earnings, How Does the Man Do it?

Who is the highest grossing star in Hollywood, ever? Tom? Arnie? Or John, perhaps? An actress? You are dead wrong. The Guinness Book of Records declared that Samuel L Jackson’s films grossed $7.4bn, placing him way above all actors. But how did he manage this feat? Sheer Luck? Good Choices or Acting Ability? Let’s study how he became the Hollywood’s highest-grossing movie star of all time.

Step 1: Keep making movies

Since playing Stan in Together for Days in 1972, he has featured in more than 100 movies excluding videos, videogames and TV movies. Jackson continues to appear in many many movies. His work ethic would exhaust all contemporaries.

Step 2: Find a worthy franchise and stick to it

Samuel L Jackson desires to retire after a good enough franchise, but most attempts failed while the tactic paid off.  Donning a dressing gown in not one but three Star Wars prequels, talking about intergalactic taxation, supplemented $2.4bn to his grosses, while his character of Nick Fury added a billion more.

Step 3: No movie part small enough, as long as the movie is big


All he does nowadays is show up almost at the end of the movie, mutter something about some team he is putting together and just exits. No part is too small!

Step 4: It’s not always about the numbers

Sometimes you ignore the monies and only follow your soul. Films like Country of My Skull or Unthinkable aren’t as popular as Iron Man, Jurassic Park or Star Wars but they add to his combined wealth and how much his movies make. So they sure do count.

Step 5: Be as badass as possible

The character of Nick Fury would have, technically, suited David Hasselhoff better, don’t you think so? Probably… but Samuel is cooler. The lesson from this story is to be cool and huge films will continue to give tiny parts.

That’s how you break all records.

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