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Stop What You’re Doing and Watch These Top Beauty YouTubers for 2020

You watch them for the beauty and make-up tips. You watch them for their hilarious takes on current trends. But most of all, you watch them for all the drama they create! Here are the world’s most popular YouTube beauty bloggers and influencers who dish out the best advice for us all…

Jeffree Star

Jeffree is an entrepreneur, make-up artist, singer and songwriter, using MySpace platform to promote his songs and in 2009, his album became famous. His passion in music is vocalized on his self-titled YouTube channel, besides creating Jeffree Star Cosmetics in 2014. His YouTube channel boasts 16 million subscribers, and a net worth of $4.3 million, besides owning his successful cosmetic company.


At 14, Nikkie de Jager became a makeup and beauty blogger, inspired by YouTube makeup tutorial channels. Her channel is live since 2008 but gained heights of her popularity in 2015 when one of her videos on The Power of Makeup, went crazy viral. She posts transformations and tutorial videos, with makeup tips and tricks for her international audience. NikkieTutorials has over 12.2 million subscribers and a net worth of $1.7 million.


This is a YouTube channel owned by Slovenian, Sara Lawler, famous for DIY makeup tutorials, nail art and fashion. She started her YouTube channel in 2012 to share her creativity and talent with her audience. Sara’s first video went viral, gaining over 2 million views. Her makeup passion ensures her YouTube channel to have 10.4 million subscribers, and net worth of $3.2 million.

Kim RosaCuca

Kim is a Brazilian professional hairdresser and makeup artist who started her YouTube channel in 2014 and she still uploads videos on DIY beauty, makeup and hair products, and also shares awesome tricks on beauty tips and make-up with her audience. Her hobby is transforming into a movie character using makeup, which attracts audiences for her channel. More than 7.6 million people watch her channel, as she hosts 17 DIY videos in a month, generating a net worth of $463,000.

Simply Nailogical

Cristine Rotenberg is a data analyst, but the former child actress and Canadian YouTube personality introducing heterosexuality to audiences. In 2014, her YT channel, called Simply Nailogical, was created to promote her passion and love for nail art. While saturated with nail art, videos also feature DIY’s, hilarious challenges and makeup tutorials to attract audience and her YouTube channel exceeds 7.3 million subscribers with a net worth of $4.8 million.

Carli Bybel

Carli is a YouTube sensation, stressing fitness, makeup, beauty, and fashion. To support her family financially she developed her makeup and beauty skills during high school and then started freelancing. In June 2011, her YouTube channel, promoted her passion as an online makeup artist for global audiences and after uploading some videos, her channel gained many new customers and now posts 4 videos every month for 6.2 million subscribers and a net worth of $4.8 million.


American beauty guru Promise Tamang Phan is a popular makeup artist who features on her YouTube channel, created back in 2009. There, she transformed herself into celebrities and well-known characters with makeup tricks. Her first video transformed herself as Avatar, and other celebrities while gaining YouTube popularity. The dope2111 YouTube channel exceeds 5.9 million subscribers and has a net worth of $1.4 million by generating unique beauty contents.


Tati Westbrook, an image consultant and makeup artist became famous as her YouTube channel Tati started in November 2010 with videos about her tutorials, hauls, tutorials and unbiased reviews of beauty products. After YouTube success, she promoted Halo in 2018 producing nails, hair and skin supplements. Tati, has over 9.7 million subscribers with a net worth of $2.6 million.

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