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You Won’t Believe Now Strict and Simple the Daily Regimes of the World’s Wealthiest People Are

The world’s most wealthy and successful people seem to have everything and the key to achieving and maintaining their status, is extremely simple. Their life ensures a stress-free day and sticking to a daily routine ensures it. Life-style coaches, who coach millionaires, have researched expansively into the daily lives, schedules and routines of the globe’s most prosperous entrepreneurs and their findings are precious.

They discovered that the wealthy and successful people thrive on a sensible daily routine and ritual and as a way of keeping their productivity levels high throughout the day, while ensuring to keep some space and time in their lives for the really important things in life, such as meditation, family time, and quality slumber.

These practices work, if you are unfailing and practice these habits daily. A life-style coach shares what a billionaire’s average day looks like and it is very simple to achieve.

5am: Early Start

According to Laura Vanderkam, who has extensively studied the schedules and routines of many successful people, 90% of them wake up early, some before 6 am on their working days. This habit has plenty of benefits and enables control of the workday before it even starts. It also ensures enough time for breakfast with the family, exercise, meditation; all of what are essential for a vastly productive day.

5:30am: Working out

Jogging for 30 minutes or exercises on a treadmill at 6 am before they leave for the office, is essential. Just ask the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, for he follows this routine religiously. Exercise has a beneficial effect for maintaining energy levels all through he day. This helps in maintaining alertness and energy levels throughout the day, as also significantly reducing stressful impacts on the body.

6am: Meditation

One reason why very successful people meditate is because it ensures productivity. By training to resist impulsive urges you improve relationships, increasing performance levels and dependability. The daily mindset practice or meditation such as Priming – a custom, which requires a person to use directed powerful breathing and purposeful movement to center oneself, keeps you ready for whatever the day has to offer.

6:30am: Read

All well-off people read every single day and billionaires like Warren Buffett, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates devote many hours daily and read for learning purposes. A recent survey found that 11% of wealthy people read for to keep themselves entertained. At least 85% read at least 2 books every month for knowledge. Reading for 30 minutes daily is what the highest 1% do.

7am: The first meal of the day

We all know that breakfast is the most important of all meals; helps curb sugar cravings throughout the day, increases mental alertness and regulates blood sugar. Virgin founder Richard Branson eats a granola and fruit salad to begin his day. Daytime talk show host and billionaire TV personality Oprah Winfrey says that she’s no expert on engines and the likes, but she surely knows that no engine can run without any fuel. She uses this analogy to explain that the body, similarly, cannot run without food, and added that eating breakfast is a passion of hers.

8am: Starting Work

A fresh start to the day after over three hours of self-indulgence is just great. The mind is clear, tummy full and our wealthy lot are ready to make some more money-making decisions.

1pm: Lunch Hour Break

A proper break for lunch is essential for most highly successful people who recognize that a break can actually increase efficiency at work instead of slowing you down. If engaged in meetings or stuck to the computer reading emails for prolonged periods of time, it is easy to strain your eyes and give yourself a migraine, which is never a good option. Same is the case with concentration – short restorative breaks easily improve your concentration levels.

6pm: Leave the office

Billionaires lead highly scheduled lives helping them achieve whatever they can fit in a day, while still making time for their families. That means leaving behind work at the office, so when they are back at home, they are totally present in the moment. Their work day ends when they are tired or mentally spent and ready to go home… There is always more work that needs to be done and so much more that one could do with an extra hour in the office. But, that is not the case here. Most billionaires ensure leaving the offices latest by 6:30 pm every day, never mind what is happening, someone else will handle it.

11pm: Blissful Sleep

Successful author Arianna Huffington advocates sleeping a minimum of 8 hours a night, and bans all electronic gadgets in the bedroom. This removes all the tools and thereby, temptation to check personal or work emails at night, which can aggravate one’s stress and insomnia. Bill Gates must have his seven hours of sleep at night after he has caught up on his reading. He reads for at least an hour every night and is a part of his routine to fall asleep. Getting more restful sleep enhances your confidence, leadership, ingenuity, decision-making ability and creativity.

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