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Work-Life Balance: 5 Awesome Offices You Would Want To Work In

When you think about any corporate setting, the exact same elements come to mind every time. Crisp shirts and ties while people work in tiny cubicles where they barely fit and sit all day and tire themselves endlessly. This goes on day by day probably until they retire. However, newer companies have already put a death sentence to this traditional setting and have reinvented working to create a lively and nourishing environment. Those who work at these companies develop real lives outside their jobs and are not slaves to work. Here are some of those.

Selgas Cano Architecture Office

Selgas Cano is the popular architecture firm behind a lot of major designs all over the world. With such a resume to boast, it should logically follow that some of its most talented architects do not work inside a plain cubicle all day. Their office in Madrid, Spain, is just as creative as they are.

Their office is set in the midst of the woods in what looks them working within nature itself. There are a lot of leaves and trees all around, but the interiors remain modern. This contrast works wonderfully, making it of the coolest offices in the world, especially if you are into nature and designing.

“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.”Jimmy Johnson


A lot of its great designs for shoes are exciting, but things are getting even better at their office in Playa de Rey, California. Logistics are tough with retail businesses and this can cause a lot of stress and retard productivity in the workplace. However, the people over at TOMS have thought of a great solution that could speed things up and relieve them of stress at the same time.

While most corporate workplaces boast of high rise buildings where people work in suits, TOMS has a completely different approach. Their office has a huge blue slide where their employees actually use instead of an escalator or elevator.


The Google headquarters is probably the pioneer when it comes to cool offices as it has actually made existing in a corporate workplace worth it. First, the interiors are absolutely stunning. You feel like you are by the beach in one room, in outer space in another, by the clouds riding hot air balloons again in another and a lot more.

It has facilities that even your favorite resort or club might not even have. Their headquarters is loaded with a gym, a canteen that serves different cuisines from all over the world, a golf course, a gaming room and a whole lot more.


If you got tired of losing your flash drive all the time, you might have heard of Dropbox. This cloud service might already have been part of your online life since it has been launched. While the service seems pretty basic and simple, their workplace is far from being lifeless and dull.

The Dropbox office boasts of stunning interior decor which, at first glance, might not look like a company that deals with cloud storage. The work area looks more of a place to relax instead of somewhere to tire yourself at work.


Facebook’s headquarters looks just as inventive as its founder and its staff. It is full of lush greenery, colours, and for a busy company, it does not look like your typical setting, at all. Facebook’s headquarters looks more like a co-working space than an office.

Whether you want to work in the middle of the woods, in outer space, in the beach or somewhere that looks more like a spa than a corporate workplace, then this means that you actually have a lot of options to choose from. What do you think of these offices? Know of any more cool workspaces that deserve attention? Share them with us in the comments below.

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