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Must Love Dogs: Where Pets Of The Super Rich Sleep

Pets live lives that are more luxurious than most people will ever live when they belong to wealthy people. They have top class food, spa treatments, designer clothes, and even sleep in accommodations that cost a fortune. Here are some celebrity pets living the good and awesome life.

A $25,000 Castle for a Dog

Dogs are not very picky animals. They would have a good night’s sleep whether it be on a kitchen rug or wherever is warm and fuzzy. For rich people, however, they have a lot of money to burn so some would choose to dish out $25,000 for a dog house, which their dogs will not actually be living in.

A company called Le Petite Maison specializes in crafting custom-designed dog houses for wealthy and dog=obsessed owners. These miniature homes are patterned like real mansions and can cost you somewhere between $10,000 and $25,000. The dogs of model and actress Rachel Hunter are lucky enough to live in one of these. In her particular case, her furry pals live in Mediterranean style dog houses with handcrafted terra cotta flooring, wrought iron fixtures and roof tiles.

“In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this.” Terry Pratchett

A Doghouse Built By Luxury Yacht Architects

Rich people go by crazy ways to take man’s best friend to a different plane. Many of their pets live in houses that would cost more than a typical apartment. British company Hecate Verona has a line of innovative luxury dog manors that feature miniature engravings, windows and doors. The company claims that while these dog houses are stylish, they are also practical.

These doghouses are decked with hundreds of miniature handmade details that result in an overall finish comparable to a Swiss made watch than it would be to a building. The company also claims that these doghouses feature the latest technology that would protect your pets from extreme temperatures, snow, rain and wind.

A $1 Million Fish Tank

You have seen Paris Hilton and other socialites and how they shell out tons of cash on their furry friends, but you might not have seen how some people splurge even more on fish. If you were a fish, you might not even be aware that you are living inside a 33,500 gallon tank designed by Acrylic Tank Manufacturing.

This million dollar tank is located in Guy Harvey Outpost, a Trade Winds resort in St. Pete Beach, Florida. The tanks house fish that are indigenous to Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. They swim around the tank while the guests of the resort watch them go around. The more exciting part of this is that humans, too, get to dive in and mingle with them.

A Megamansion Built for Horses

A look at these huge and detailed structures might leave the impression that this could be the estate of a wealthy man. You see a vast property complete with a manicured lawn, a big pond and some trees. This property looks like it is fit for a king and his entourage, but all of this is just for some horses.

Wealthy people in Florida build these types of homes worth tens of millions of dollars just for their horses to live in. The animals that live here are often seen in the largest winter equestrian festival in the world. The closer the property is to the competing grounds, the more cash that these wealthy people shell out for these mega-mansions.

Luxury Cat Hotel

A luxury cat hotel named Longcroft was founded by Abi Purser in 2010. Since then, demand has been booming and she has sold 14 franchises. In this upscale hotel, cats have their own rooms with dedicated play areas. Purser says that the pet boarding industry has been around since the 1960s, but she unleashed her creative touch to the trade. “Come on, why are we shutting cats in tiny cages for two weeks?” says the founder.

This luxury hotel line makes sure that they know a lot about your pet before it arrives. They try to find out things like your cat’s favorite foods, what they are scared of or if the owner’s have some special requests.

Whether it’s a dog mansion, a horse megamansion or a million dollar tank, these pets sure do know how to live the high life – if they actually know what’s happening. Lucky for them, they have parents with lots of surplus funds to ensure that they get the best accommodations money can buy. What do you think of these luxury pet accommodations? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.

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