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Retiring Soon? Take a Look at these Wise Investments Ideas

Investing your retirement money is not something you can easily decide on.  It’s something you should research, study, and ponder about for a long time on.  Admit it or not, just the thought of the money you saved up for so many years going to waste, makes you scared to enter into any investment at all.

As the time of your retirement comes near, your objective for investing will begin to change – instead of the usual target of just making the money you saved or your investment just growing, you would want instead, for your savings to produce income.  Aside from having your saved retirement money safeguarded and untouched, you would want to get profits from it.  After all, you’re not working and have retired. If you run out of money, you would take from your retirement fund, and it would no longer be untouched and preserved.  For you to put up an income from your retirement money, you should look at some of these low risk investments.

Invest in Bond Funds:

If you are not familiar with bond funds, to explain it in simple terms – a bond fund is a type of mutual fund that only invests in bonds.  A particular bond fund can be considered a group of several underlying bond funds contained in one portfolio, handled by one portfolio manager.  When investing in bond funds, there are several types you can choose from – there’s short-term or long-term, international or domestic, private or government bonds, and active or passive type of bonds. A sure retirement income that’s reliable can come from investing in bond funds, specifically by purchasing an ETF or a big diversified bond fund.

Invest in Real Estate:

If you’re wondering how you can create income from investing in real estate, the answer is simple – rent out the real estate property you invested in.  Your retirement money is safe, since it has been converted to a real estate property, and you will generate income from rental fees.  Some retirees choose to get a loan or a mortgage to acquire a property to rent out, since they are afraid to put out a big, upfront cash payment.  The disadvantage of that is that your investment turns to high risk from low risk, because you have a mortgage to pay, plus expenses on maintenance of your property.  To have a low risk investment on real estate, you should own the property that you will be renting out.  That way, you can set aside money from your rental income to make way for house or building repairs.

Investing in your Passion:

There are times when people stay at their jobs for many years because of a high salary, which they know will sometimes equate to more money saved for retirement.  So they hold on to their jobs but don’t really enjoy doing it, it’s just for the pay in the end.  One way you can continue earning money even during your retirement is by investing in small businesses.  The small business we are referring to usually involves hobbies and things that interest you.  For many years you did something you did not enjoy doing, it’s time to explore your passion during your retirement and earn money at the same time.

Investing your time in building a small business is considered low risk because there is no big cash out needed as investment.  If you enjoying sewing as a hobby, you can create a small business sewing dresses, bags, and other home needs.  If photography is your passion, you can run a small photography business – set up a small office in your own home so you won’t need to spend money for office rent.  To ensure great income returns, what you will invest in this is your time.  If you love photography and that’s what you want to invest in, even if it’s your passion, you should get a short course on it.  The same goes for cooking, sewing, and other crafty business.  Of course the income you will get from small businesses is not the same when you were getting salary from the job you used to hold, especially at the beginning of it, so you may need to adjust your lifestyle during retirement.  It’s all about balance – but if this is the road you will choose to take, we’re pretty sure you’re going to enjoy it, especially when you’d be making money out of something you really love to do.

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