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You Won’t Believe How Much These Stars Make for Endorsing Your Favourite Brands

Whether it’s a fragrance, a drink or just fancy sport shoes, the money that celebs get to make appearances and endorse a product will make your head spin and your wallet groan. Marketing strategies obviously get a big boost from such celebrity endorsements, so really it’s a win-win! Here are some of the most expensive celeb endorsements ever…

David Beckham: $150 Million

Apart from endorsements for Armani and Breitling, the football master also signed the deal of a lifetime with Adidas for a massive $150 million. Way to Go!!

Beyonce: $50 Million

Beyonce gave Pepsi a pretty solid and hefty push in its ongoing war with Coca Cola by signing a $50 million deal with them. She can now be seen on limited edition cans and other Pepsi merchandise.  But whether she and Jay Z have ever even tasted the soda, is entirely a different question, altogether.

LeBron James: $90 Million

This talented basketball player signed a contract with Nike while still in High School and the seven-year deal made him the face of certain Nike offshoots, receiving a $90 million payoff.

Charlize Theron: $55 Million

The face of J’adore, the luxury perfume by Dior for quite a few years now, Charlize Theron has massively boosted her annual earnings through this deal. She amassed around $55 million and probably smells as good as she looks!

Brad Pitt: $6.7 Million for one ad

The suave heartthrob became the male face of Chanel’s heavenly fragrance and made almost $7 million from a single ad deal in one year. Compound that with what he probably earns from the deal annually and it is guaranteed to make your head spin for a while.

Tiger Woods: $100 million

Over an entire 5 year period, Nike paid the golfing sensation about $100 million to be the face of the different products they sell. Most of these celebs appear to make much more money through these deals than through their actual jobs!

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